Personal Nonsense

Old roads

Today I drove to Clarksville to get another 2nd class aviation medical exam. SIUC requires pilots to have a 2nd class medical to fly at all, despite the fact that I’m getting out of the aviation program and just trying to wrap up the class I started last semester, and the choice between paying $65 for the medical exam or failing the class seemed like a no-brainer.

I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the directions from Google Maps and I ended up on 57 when I want to be 24 again, which put me a good 45 minutes behind. Thankfully I left early enough that I still got the office 10 minutes before my appointment, and that was with two pee breaks! Last time I did this exam I didn’t know beforehand that I’d have to pee in a cup so when I did, I was kind of forcing out what was just kind of hanging around in bladder and apparently that results in the test showing I have too much protein in my pee. This time I came prepared, and I REALLY had to pee.

On the way back to Carbondale I stopped at the comic shop to get Katie’s comics. I spent more on comics than I did on a 2nd class medical exam.

It’s strange driving around Clarksville. I hate the layout of the town. There are three or four big roads that converge downtown that are all several miles apart and separated by either residential areas or absolutely nothing. The town is really spread out and it’s impossible to get anywhere without getting on one of these huge roads that are always clogged full of people.

I love the streets of Springfield. They’re busted and go everywhere. There are 20 ways to get anywhere. Everything is 15 minutes away. Some of my favorite memories are associated with roads in Springfield. Like driving back from The Asylum late at night with Alkaline Trio’s “Keep ‘Em Coming” on the stereo down an empty MacArthur Boulevard with snowfall making the street lights glow orange.

I also stopped at the Gamestop on the way back to the highway to poke around. I sometimes forget how much I enjoy rooting around in bins of used games for that one piece of solid gold. I didn’t find any solid gold this time around but I did find Marc Ecko’s Getting Up for PS2 for $3. I would’ve preferred to get it for xbox but I don’t even know if it’s backwards compatible with the 360.

As I was doing homework tonight I took a bite into a piece of floormat pizza. Something crunched. I spit out the bite and licked all my teeth and couldn’t feel anything broken. I checked in the mirror and nothing looked broken. It must have been a bit of dirt on the slice.

Tonight I get to pack up for the weekend because I’m leaving for Springfield as soon as my last class gets out tomorrow. I simply cannot wait to stay up too late tonight, wake up at 7am tomorrow, sit in classes until 1pm, then drive 3 hours to Springfield. Can’t wait.