Personal Nonsense

Fuck today

On my way to campus, I was turning a corner on my bike when my U lock slipped off of its carrier into a relatively busy street. There was no one immediately behind me so I pulled a U turn in the lane, and my bike nearly slid out from under me. Because it rained all day yesterday and froze overnight. I managed to grab my U lock and drag my bike onto the curb before anyone hit me. I should have just turned around and went back to bed.

On my way to my fourth class, I was riding up to the Lawson bike racks when I found that paved area they’re on didn’t get salted and was a solid sheet of ice. I was going pretty slow when the bike shot out from under me. Most of the fall went into my knee, and some on my shoulder. My knee only hurts when I walk around but my shoulder’s been hurting off and on since.

Since I’m sad and hurt and pitiful, I didn’t want to make anything for dinner so I ordered a pizza. I went and picked up my pizza and as I was driving it home, I hear it slide off the seat. Of course it slid off the seat, I’m a brain surgeon and put it on top of a bag and not in one of the two empty seats. At a stop sign I turn around to pick the box off the floor and half of the pizza slides out. I can’t get the rest of it back into the box because it’s directly behind me and turning 180 degrees seated doesn’t feel good, so I pull over into a church parking lot to clean it up. Luckily it landed crust down so it’s still salvageable because I’m not beyond eating floormat pizza.

Fuck today.