Bizarre Teenage Love Dream

I thought I was going to bed at a reasonable hour when I went to bed at 10pm tonight but now it’s 1:30am and I’m wide awake. I had some screwed up dream about teenage love and I can’t get it out of my head.

I’m living in a house that’s not a house I’ve lived in before. My room is a big open shared attic, with two queen sized beds in between of two staircases leading down, with desks on the opposite sides of each staircase. I’m sharing the room with my sister. A girl I like is there. She’s got a pretty face and light brown hair.

We’re fooling around and I feel like I really like her and we have some kind of connection. She’s straddling me on the bed and I feel like I’m about this close to putting my dick in her and my sister cockblocks me. She says mom needs me to come downstairs to do something. So I go downstairs and whatever mom wants is trivial or dumb. I get back upstairs and she’s talking to my sister and the moment is gone. She no longer seems interested in me at all.

I go back downstairs and watch TV with some unknown father figure. The girl never comes down to talk or see me.

Then I’m in a van at night. Father figure is driving, my sister is there, the girl is there and we’re giving her a ride home. Father figure asks her something along the lines of where she needs to be dropped off and she tells him he doesn’t need to drop her off anywhere and that she left already. She’s got that sweet smile on her face. I tell her that she couldn’t have left already, I didn’t see her come down the stairs. I know this because I was waiting for her. She sits there with that sweet smile on her face and lies to me and tells me that she must have slipped past because she already left.

Now I hate her. I hate her because I feel like my feelings were misled and now she’s lying to my face and she won’t stop smiling like I’m the one who’s insane or confused. Now I’m awake.

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